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Where is the VIN Number?
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What is a VIN?
"VIN" stands for Vehicle Identification Number. This number is a unique universal serial number issued to every car by the car manufacturer. Within the 17-digit vin number are codes that indicate the car's make and model, where the car was manufactured, a serial number, and even information about optional equipment.

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Get a car report check to find out the history of any car. A free car report check makes it easy to buy a reliable car.

Are you looking for a new used car? If so, you may be interested to know that you can learn all about it's history - from it's owners to any accidents it was involved in. A car report check truly is a modern day miracle for people wanting to buy a reliable car that is safe to drive. A car report check requires that you know the vin number of the car you want to check. The used car history is located near the driver windshield or inside the driver door by the lock.

Be sure to write down the 17 digit vin number very carefully. One wrong digit could give you the wrong results for a similar but different car. You can check as many cars as you want with the free car report check. For more comprehensive information, you may want to order a detailed report. Don't trust dealers to give you the accurate vin number. Check the vin number yourself and confirm Once you find the auto vin number and write it down, you can do a fast online car history search to see a cars history.

Some people think they can tell if a car is okay just by looking at it. This can be a big mistake because most lemon cars have hidden problems that are usually impossible to notice. The time you spend to do a car report check on each car you consider buying is the best way to prevent buying a lemon. It is also the fastest way to get the run down on a used car. A simple car report check can save you countless hours of time and even some money.

By checking every used car vin number, you are on your way to a enjoyable car purchase. VIN Check - Free VIN Check for any car! Our fast car report check will tell you if a car is a lemon. Do a Vin search today!

Car Report Check

History of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

In the mid 1950's American automobile manufacturers began stamping and casting identifying numbers on cars and their parts. The car identification number has become referred to as the "VIN". The purpose was to give an description of the car when mass production numbers were starting to climb in very significant numbers. Research has shown that early Vin's came in all sorts of variations which depended on the individual manufacturer at that time.

In the early 1980's the National highway Traffic Safety Administration (U.S. Dept. of Transport) required that all road cars must contain a 17 character VIN. This established the fixed VIN system for major car manufacturers as it is known today. Thus, establishing a unique "DNA" style number for each unique car which rolled off the assembly line.

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