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What is a VIN?
"VIN" stands for Vehicle Identification Number. This number is a unique universal serial number issued to every car by the car manufacturer. Within the 17-digit vin number are codes that indicate the car's make and model, where the car was manufactured, a serial number, and even information about optional equipment.

Why you need a Car Report

When buying a used car, there are many ways for you to get a bad deal from your local auto dealer.

Odometer readings may be rolled back. It's illegal in most states, but its easy. It is still a common occurance in used cars.

Dealer will not or cannot show you the repair orders or identity of former owner(s).

Vehicle shipped from out-of-state or received in trade from another dealer.

Car reports can reveal:

• Flood/Fire-damage Titles
• Odometer Rollback/Rollover
• Salvage Titles/Auction
• Lemon/Rebuilt Title
• Major Accidents
• Stolen

Insurance Quotes

Date: Apr 13, 2005
Contributor: Earnestine Belford

Auto Insurance Planners Provides State-Specific Insurance Quotes

Auto Insurance Planners, an Internet auto insurance information hub, has added state-specific insurance information and quotes to their website.

Auto Insurance Planners, an Internet auto insurance information hub, has added state-specific car insurance information and quotes for all 50 states including the District of Columbia. This insurance information by state is now easily accessible to online consumers who can find auto insurance information or quotes tailored to a specific state.

As auto insurance laws vary by state, Auto Insurance Planners has made the process easier for consumers to retrieve the relevant information for their home state. Included with each state"s information is minimum required auto insurance coverage by law in that state and also a description of how to read car insurance liability limits. Consumers can read about factors that affect their state-specific rates and also obtain an auto insurance quote .

"By providing auto insurance information for every state, Auto Insurance Planners has taken one more step towards becoming the only place our users will need to visit to learn everything they need to learn," said Sean Denny, founder of Auto Insurance Planners. "We are really trying to help drivers understand exactly what type of coverage best fits their needs and satisfies their state"s laws at the same time."

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• State specific auto insurance information
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About Auto Insurance Planners
Located in Laurel, Maryland, Auto Insurance Planners has been offering free auto insurance quotes online since 2004. Auto Insurance Planners allows consumers to shop online for multiple auto insurance company rates simultaneously. They also offer numerous articles on basic car insurance information, tips on how to save money, and auto safety.

For more information relating to "Insurance Quotes", please visit our Insurance Quotes page.

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